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MAN Cats 2 II v14 Dealer Diagnostic Software – Remote Install


MAN Cats II 14.1 2014

MAN Cats II 14.1 2014 + DAF Davie 5.6

Using MAN CATS, you can perform the following functions:

  • identification of systems of electronic control units
  • reading, decoding, and deleting trouble codes
  • special tests of actuators
  • monitoring systems (display and evaluation of current signal data from sensors)
  • guided troubleshooting functions
  • work with service functions and control of a technical condition
  • coding and replacement of electronic control units.


MAN Developer Tool + IMMO Calculator –
It needs for:

  • FFR-EDC pairing
  • FFR parts number changing
  • FFR / EDC VIN number changing
  • IMMO PIN codes for Key Learning
  • Language programming/changing
  • New/Used ECUs programming.



It’s a spare parts catalog that contains original spare parts for MAN engines, spare parts for marine engines MAN, marine engines MAN, MAN engines for construction, and agricultural machinery. In the catalog of MAN motors, there is a choice by engine model, as well as a search by engine number .

MAN Flash Files 

MAN Offline Programming (MAN EOL Flash File Editor + MAN Immo Calculator) – 
The software can work with archives firmware or directly to the database files of the Man Cats software.

MAN EOL Flash File Editor supports MAN programming ECUs.

  • FFR-EDC pairing
  • FFR parts number changing
  • New/Used ECUs programming
  • IMMO PIN codes
  • FFR/EDC VIN number changing
  • Language programming/changing
  • Adblue removal

The ECU Programming is done via the menu in MAN Cats software.

  • FFR-EDC pairing
  • FFR parts number changing
  • FFR/EDC VIN number changing
  • IMMO PIN codes for Key Learning
  • Language programming/changing
  • New/Used ECUs programming

MAN Immo Calculator, this software can do:

  • Calculation password to form a pair (FFR-EDC) and firmware chip keys on vehicles MAN TG
  • Preservation of the archive files firmware of vehicles for further processing and programming with MAN Offline programming software
  • Unpacking treated firmware in MAN Cats Software


MAN Cats II 22.03 2022 Fully Workstation Activated on Win 10 (for T200, MINI VCI xHorse, DPA5, Scanmatic, VOCOM 1/2/Mini) –

Supports trucks up to model diagnostics 2000 to 2022.
Supports real VDF files 2022.

Program works with VCI Interface:

  • T200
  • MINI VCI xHorse
  • DPA5
  • Scanmatic
  • VOCOM 1/2/Mini


  • MAN, Editor SFTP V 3.1
  • MAN, VDF Editor Developer V 3.2.0
  • 2021 MAN TIS
  • MAN WIS 2015
  • MAN Workshop manuals new + old
  • Technical support, programming, software updates


MAN Developer Editor SFTP 3.1 2022 Unlimited –

  • All ECU parts number changing
  • PTM-FFR/EDC pairing
  • PTM-FFR/EDC Parts number changing
  • PTM-FFR/EDC VIN number changing
  • ECU Delete/Removal Laneguard
  • ECU Delete/Tachograph MTCO+DTCO
  • IMMO PIN codes for Key Learning
  • New/Used ECUs programming
  • Tutorials included how to use Developer Tool


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