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  • DashCoder4 Diagnostic Mileage Odometer Correction Tool for Programming all Vehicle Brands from A-Z System Device

    DashCoder4 Diagnostic Mileage Odometer Correction Tool

    New Dashcoder4 !

    This is the latest technology available , with intelligent processors, precision touch screen , unlimited sdcard file storage, wifi and lots more. This machine is fully updatable and super smooth.

    • The DASHCODER contains a simple, self-explanatory menu structure.
    • Saved records which were read from the EEPROM, processor or via the diagnostic interface *, can be unencrypted completely processed and reprogrammed.
    • The DASHCODER contains an extensive editing and component library.
    • The DASHCODER contains extensive Eeprom / processor programming functions.
    • The DASHCODER includes a password protection.
    • The DASHCODER is available in several languages.

    DiagProg4 Package List includes:

    x1 DashCoder DiagProg4 (DP4) Device x1 Key Programmer x1 NEC adapter x1 Parallel Adapter x1 Software operating with the DashCoder DiagProg4 Device.x1 Power supply adapter from a car lighter x1 Test Adapter x1 USB Cable x1 Agreement of use that grants technical support
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  • Diagprog4 Elprosys DP4 Mileage Correction Tools for all Cars Possible Diagnostics PREMIUM Package

    • Elprosys Diagprog4 DP4

      Full Pack as of 10/01/2022

      Free & Fast World Wide Delivery

      - Diagprog 4 Mileage correction Tool- Full pack as of 01/2022- Additional 2020-2022 Ford Transit/Focus/Fiesta/Kuga License purchased, Release Date 30/05/22- Covers Most cars that are possible to do, Range Rovers upto 2022 (Vogue/svr/sport), Ford upto 2022 (Custom/Connect/Fiesta/Focus), Mercedes W213/238 OBD, W205 2015-2020, W253 2015-2020, Sprinter W906/W907 Hyundai/Kia upto 2022- The best odometer correction tool available
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    The biggest cover list

    Check out our list of supported cars, bikes, machines and you will see Enigmatool is the most powerful device on the market. Enigma covers models from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and both Americas.
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  • MAN Cats 2 II v14 Dealer Diagnostic Software – Remote Install

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  • Micropod 2 WiTECH 2.0 and wiADVISOR FCA Group Mopar Diagnostic Pod

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    Mopar Diagnostic Pod (MDP) and wiTECH2 Subscription package.  It is the newest diagnostic system for Chrysler FCA vehicles,including the new 2023  WL.
    MDP wiTECH2 is the newest diagnostic system for Chrysler Dodge Stellantis vehicles, including the new 2023 WL. The MDP, wiTECH 2.0 Stellantis system is required for diagnostic, programming, or ADAS calibration with New CAN-FD DoIP vehicles. In addition, Chrysler Dealerships use this as a dealer scan tool to work on the 2022-2023 models, Jeep Grand Cherokee and other upcoming vehicles. Programming Flash Token can add to this package separately.

    MDP key Benefits:

    • Supports existing and new vehicle communication technology such as CAN FD and Ethernet that is Required for 2021 WL and future Stellantis programs.Supports all vehicles that the current microPod II supports.
    • Increased warranty period (2 years).
    • Increased speed and performance.
    • Improved memory, processor, and Wi-Fi Rubber case (boot) for increased durability.
    • MDP and boot are “Mopar Blue” The protective boot will also fit the microPod 2 device.
    - Mopar MDP Interface - wiTECH2 License 1-Year - Stellantis Subscription 1-Year - 5 FCA Flash Tokens[wpforms id="2644" description="true"]MADE IN USA  2,000.00
  • Original DSP3+ DSPIII Odometer IMMO Airbag Reset OBD2 Mileage Correction Tool Data Smart3 KM outil for BMW Benz VAG PROG2 VW Audi Model:2018-2020

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    Essential details
    Model: 411
    Year: 1971-1973, 1971-1972,2018-2020
    Type:car scanner
    Voltage: 12V
    Car Fitment: VW Car
    Power: 12V
    Applicable Models: Universal
    Place of Origin: EU
    Brand Name: Autodiag Tech (AD-T)
    Warranty: 12 Months
    Item Type: Auto diagnostic scanner
    Language: Support Multi-language
    Weight: 6.5KG