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  • DashCoder4 Diagnostic Mileage Odometer Correction Tool for Programming all Vehicle Brands from A-Z System Device

    DashCoder4 Diagnostic Mileage Odometer Correction Tool

    New Dashcoder4 !

    This is the latest technology available , with intelligent processors, precision touch screen , unlimited sdcard file storage, wifi and lots more. This machine is fully updatable and super smooth.

    • The DASHCODER contains a simple, self-explanatory menu structure.
    • Saved records which were read from the EEPROM, processor or via the diagnostic interface *, can be unencrypted completely processed and reprogrammed.
    • The DASHCODER contains an extensive editing and component library.
    • The DASHCODER contains extensive Eeprom / processor programming functions.
    • The DASHCODER includes a password protection.
    • The DASHCODER is available in several languages.

    DiagProg4 Package List includes:

    x1 DashCoder DiagProg4 (DP4) Device x1 Key Programmer x1 NEC adapter x1 Parallel Adapter x1 Software operating with the DashCoder DiagProg4 Device.x1 Power supply adapter from a car lighter x1 Test Adapter x1 USB Cable x1 Agreement of use that grants technical support
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    Scanner 1.4.0 for BMW – diagnosis speedometer adjustment

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