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  • Activation DTS 9 for Mercedes Benz Engineer DTS Monaco

    Mercedes Benz Engineer DTS Monaco
    • For w223 it needs ZenZefi certificate
    • Using SMRD file ( no support CBF CFF files ) and Xentry VCI C6
  • BE KEY 433 MHZ

  • Bosch 1699200142 OBD2 Diagnostic Cable Original OEM

    Bosch 1699200142 OBD2 Diagnostic Cable Original OEM, perfectly works as Bosch 1699200366 OBD2 cable for Bosch Diagnostic Tools like Xentry VCI, JLR DOIP, Nissan NRM VI3, GM MDI2 kit.

    500 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Brand New Porsche PIWIS 4 Tester PIWIS IV PT4G E VCIv2 Diagnostics TOOLS VERSION:V43.041.02 

    Porsche Tester PIWIS 4 Diagnostic PIWIS IV V41.000.040: The system installed include PT4G E VCIv2. Support Porsche PPN Online. PIWIS Tester 4 is the Porsche factory-developed diagnostic coding and programming tool. It stands for Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System 2023.10v.  Porsche dealer technicians use this tool to perform a multitude of diagnostic and repair functions on your car.

    New Porsche Piwis4 Kit ✅

    1. Genuine Porsche Getac Tablet 2. Activated Offline Piwis4 Software 3. Original PT4G multiplexer 4. USB-cable for the Piwis4 VCI 5. Dock station + Y-cable 6. Carrying case 7. WiFi modulePIWIS4: 100% Original with 3 years warranty... No Chinese fake Remote support & installation INQUIRE NOW

    Porsche PIWIS 4  System Diagnostic Tester Tool

    Model:PIWIS IV
    Origin:Made In  | Europe
    100% warranty
    No Chinese fake
    Remote support & installation

    Original Porsche PIWIS 4 Diagnostic Tester Tool

    The system is automatically updated to maintain the new model that supports the latest production release in real time.
      • * Porsche PIWIS 4 System Diagnostic: There are no additional or extra charges for the tester within the next five years of  paid activation.
      • From after the 5th year on, [ Porsche PIWIS 4  System ]  We will  charged you €5,800.00 EUR  for the New System Activation & Renewal Services.
      • Note.:  After or Before  the 1 years unlimited Online Access is outdated, you'll have to pay for additional license renewal  services after the initial  expiring date is complete.(2.897.00EUR)
    • * Tool warranty period is 5 years:  We also provide long-term technical  support service. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool we'll update Substitute, Or we can also recovery or buy back your tools equipment.

    Language: English, Italian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese. Delivery time: Can be delivered to any country within 2-3 days after complete activation.

    [wpforms id="2644" description="true"] 6,800.00
  • ECOM

    SKU: D140700100 Categories: Car Diagnostics, Passthru, Truck Diagnostics Tags: CAN analyzer, Doip diagnostics, ecom, SD Connect Doip, VCI, vediamo, vehicle communication interface, xentry  1,200.00
  • iCarsoft CR IMMO ADVANCED All-In-One Key Programming & Diagnostic Tool

    iCarsoft CR IMMO ADVANCED All-In-One Key Programming & Diagnostic Tool comes with 8 inch touchscreen, QUAD-CORE CORTEX-A53 CPU, Android 10.0, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage. CR IMMO allow to perform full diagnostic work, reads live parameters, supports special functions and full keys programming.[wpforms id="2644" description="true"]Package contains:1 x iCarsoft CR IMMO main unit 1 x IM2000 Pro 1 x VCI adapter 1 x Switching power supply 1 x Full set of adapters / cables 1 x User’s manual 1 x Carrying caseWarehouse: Preorder LV/EE Delivery time: 4-7 working days Europe Delivery time: 4-7 working days International Delivery time: 7-10 working days Worldwide DHL/TNT Express Delivery time: 1-3 working days 1,800.00


  • Lower Mercedes Benz Airmatic Suspension W222 W213 W292 W167

    Lower Mercedes Benz With the Airmatic Air Suspension W222 W213 W292 W167, Adjust Mercedes Airmatic Suspension via OBD2 and enjoy click and play solution with SmartBenz 400.00
  • MB C4 SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis with WIFI for Cars and Trucks

    Hardware Toolkit MB C4 SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis with WIFI 1,500.00