Multi-Languages: English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Dutch,Russian,Japanese,Chinese
Quality: Genuine
Software: AMDS1
Operating systems: Windows 10 Pro
System updates: Available
Internet connections: Available
Warranty: 12 months

Attention! Before ordering this tool, contact us to discuss all the details.

Package contains:

1 x ASTON MARTIN (AMDS2) interface
1 x OBD2 cable
1 x USB cable
1 x Panasonic Touch-Book CF20 i5/4gb/ssd (Ready to work!)

Warehouse: Preorder
Delivery time Worldwide: 7-10 working days




AMDS1 licenses are automatically updated on a regular basis or can be updated as needed. AMDS1 system software can be automatically updated, can switch between AMDS II and EVODiag, allowing dealers to run the engineering development version of the diagnostic system. AMDS1 helps Technicians to diagnose and repair electrical problems, and to get fast“Right First Time”solutions.
Introduced AMDS1 is to improve the more efficient diagnostic capability of Aston Martin dealers and better workshop work,the old AMDS1 system can no longer support the current new platform architecture vehicle,AMDS1 is the most powerful diagnostic tool ever made available to Aston Martin franchised dealer.

AMDS1 is now provided alongside AMDS1 when,  Diagnostic Tester runAMDS1 software.
AMDS1 – for AM-platform vehicles: Models produced from 2017 to date, for example DBX DB11 DBS Superleggera Valkyrie Valhalla new Vantage. the system will be updated with the introduction of new models.
AMDS1 – for VH-platform vehicles: Models produced in 2003-2017, for example DB9 DBS One-77 Rapide RapideS Taraf Vanquish VanquishS Zagato Vantage VantageS Virage. on AMDS systems,Additional apps are available for DB7 DB6 DB5 DB4 Cygnet and Vanquish (01MY).
AMDS I SpotLight:AMDS II SpotLight is the new diagnostic platform for Aston Martin vehicles. The SpotLight platform from AML is the new revolutionary solution to global vehicle diagnostics. SpotLight must be used with a WiFi connection and currently only integrates with AMDS1, SpotLight is to be used with AMDS2, the 2 systems integrate and create sessions with vehicle details and log files present DTC troubleshooting.

Main benefits of AMDS1:

  • Increases dealer’s workshop service diagnostic capability.
  • Aston Martin continuity to improve the functionality of vehicles and diagnostic systems.
  • Support the new am platform vehicles workshop service diagnosis work.
  • Improves dealer & technician efficiency by removing the need to wait for an AMDS1 machine to become free.
  • Allows dealers to support customers away from the workshop without compromising work in the dealership.
  • Prepares dealers for the roll out of guided diagnostics, where we will introduce the requirement to ‘hook up’ every car as they come into the workshop.

Main function of AMDS1:

  • DTC Fault Scanning Diagnostic
  • Reading and Clear DTC errors
  • Engineering Development mode
  • Vehicle Configuration modification
  • Vehicle Software Updates
  • EOBD OBDII Diagnostics
  • SVS Special Applications
  • Fault Diagnosis Guidance
  • Actuator Component Test
  • PT Part Number Reader
  • ECU Flash Programming
  • ECU Identification
  • ECU Data Monitor
  •  ECU Coding
  • ECU Refresh
  • CAN Bus Test
  • DTC Read and Datalogger Diagnostics
  • Add, Disable, Enable and Delete vehicle key
  • Service Workshop Technical Information

Aston Martin AMDS1 Diagnostic tool uses Panasonic Toughbook CF20 or FZ55 laptop computer, needs to be checked according to the OEM inventory when ordering, for two different computers, they all have the same complete diagnostic function.
AMDS1 diagnosis system can offline run use, can also log in online run use,AMDS1 diagnosis system can offline run use, for AMDS2 It is different account password for diagnostic account and key programming function. AMDS1 system application software is fully auto updateable,AMDS1 can also be auto-updated or manually updated.
Support all Aston Martin vehicle Diagnostic Flash Coding Programming, also supports the Aston Martin systems engineering mode, supports viewing of workshop repair manuals, wiring diagrams, technical bulletins, spare parts, and technical training. AMDS Equipped with the account can change their own password.


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